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We've been doing some tuning and tweaks to Fair fight over the last few weeks. We've been automating some processes and some are still under the review of GMs.  Over the next couple of weeks we'll continue to automate and tweak, to ensure that we're at a good place with removing the cheaters from the game.   


During this time we've had an issue on Saturday related to Punk-buster solely.  We turned off Punk-buster and reversed the bans related to this incident. This does not mean, all bans were reversed, just those related to Punk-buster having a crisis. Do NOT bother contacting support for an old Punk-buster ban, it'll remain in effect and not be removed unless you work with Punk-buster and they notify us of any false positives.  


We're also putting Punk buster on hold right now, we're going to monitor the progress of the changes we've done to Fair Fight and see how things go.  You can remove Punk buster safely at this time, if we decide to turn it back on you'll receive a download for the files at that time. 


With fair fight automated, we’ve been continually checking on bans that are initiated via Fair Fight, to ensure that there are no false positives. While doing these checks, we've found one event that is doing a false ban.  We're still identifying those accounts that had a ban triggered on them wrongly and reversing the ban. DO NOT CONTACT SUPPORT, we know who specifically was banned by this wrong trigger, and it's limited to a specific date and time period and so far 4 accounts.    If your ban is released you'll be emailed from support to let you know.   


Now before the tin foil hats come out and Illuminati has been confirmed, this is why we do checks and we'll continue to do so. We do not ban just to ban and when we have a ban that's done wrongly, we'll reverse it.  Our goal is to have a game that doesn't have cheaters in it, but we're not stupid and know that it's virtually impossible to remove every cheater but we'll do our best to keep most out. Hopefully you've started to see the difference, or you'll start seeing a difference. One change is removing those that are cheating quicker from the game.  


Last thing I wanted to mention is, over the last few days I've been helping support out with tickets. I've reviewed hundreds of bans and only 1 account had a ban reversal due to a hacked account (the player didn't provide the right information prior).  I even made sure to change the wording on my reply that the ticket was escalated for a ban review.  Players still choose to ignore that I changed the response and reply back whining that they're getting the same canned / automated responses.  So players will still claim false bans, and I just wanted it known that maybe if you took the time out to read a response from support you'll be surprised to see some of the wording is changed and customized to your situation. 



Well, what about straight up ignoring some cases of people being banned?

A close friend of mine, which has been playing for three and a half years, who was Manual Banned ( No FF and No PB. Just Account Blocked ) without any sort of reason at all whatsoever AND has been trying to contact you guys for days on end now with zero response.




I'm not turning this into a thread to research tickets. Your friend is probably not telling you the truth, I know for a fact that all banned queue tickets that were received prior to 8 hours ago were responded to personally by me. 

let me guess, a VPN change means a accound unbanned (if banned), or should I just be a good twitch streamer and speak nicley to you? 


hearing about unbanned accounts just does my nut in. funny that the twitch streamer get ''hacked by Russains/Americans'' 





Nope not at all, do you want a tin foil hat too? :) 

don't need one, all I know is that people get banned and cry to you with a ''I got hacked'' card and you fall for it. 



Trust me we have checks in place to verify, it's not a falling for it type of deal. 

to uninstall punkbuster: run punkbuster uninstaller, go into apb reloaded > binaries and delete the pb folder, then go into users/[username]/appdata/local/punkbuster and delete the APB folder from there also @Tiggs the launcher still redownloads punkbuster so we have to manually launch the game from apb.exe


Edit: if you have other games that use punkbuster then go in apb reloaded > binaries and delete the pb folder and pbvsc_apb.exe rather than running uninstaller

Thanks for letting me know, I'll  let the team know it's doing that. 

I won't say your anticheat program is useless... But it is.


Today Ive been in asylum for 2 hours with 2 of the very obvious cheaters. Speed/warp-hack with aim. No doubt. They have probaly been there for a long time before I joined, but can't say for sure. And they still where there when I left.


So now to my point.


If it takes that long to detect them and 2 minutes to make a new character, whats stopping them then? If you had to make a new every 10 or so it wouldn't be worth it in the long run wtih all of the wait opp and so on. Not saying it would stop them, but it would atleast slow them down. Maybe even make some of them stop for having to create a new every 10 minute.


I don't know if its possible to do it that fast, but if its too slow then its almost plain useless.



It's not useless and we still have edge cases we're working on. We're also not auto banning immediately, it's a ban that can take place within certain time limits.   So he may be flagged already.  You can report the name to support and we'll look into it. 

Tiggs I have one important question. We see many many many known players getting banned lately and all of them claim they weren't cheating, that they are not that stupid to risk their accounts where they've spent 8k hours and spent 1k euro on the game. Here's my question, how does FF handle top tier players and distinguish them from people with really well configured cheats ? Because until now I had no doubts that if someone doesn't cheat he/she won't get banned but after seeing many many many people whining that they were 100% legit and showed their PC setups and talked about how much time they've been honing their skills I'm starting to have doubts. I'm talking about skill level comparable to pro cs:go players where people snap in legit way after hundreds if not thousands of hours spent on playing shooters and improving their muscle memory. People who can switch between targets in a  very fast and accurate way which makes it look like they have aimbots, people who can stay on the target just as if they are locked on it. Should that kind of players be afraid of a false ban or is FairFight configured well enough to distinguish a pro player from a cheater with cheats configured well enough to resemble a pro player ?



It's plain and simple... If you're not cheating, you have nothing to worry about.  They can claim they were falsely banned all they'd like. We've been reviewing accounts since we've been tweaking FF and we've only had the one issue that was cleaned up quickly.  

Tiggs question. Can we get back recording videos and send them in support to view? 

                         Also , it may be wise to hired back G1Zieu, G1Blackbeard, G1Nexus , they were great GMs and did their jobs well and worked with the community.


Videos can be submitted to support. 


it is still a scam.

I want to make it clear to the g1 that punkbuster had problems even before Saturday. I ask that a check is made because too many people have found themselves with the account blocked for no reason and they are still blocked


I'm not saying PB didn't have other problems or that it didn't work.... but I am looking into some bans that were made over the last month.  DO NOT CONTACT SUPPORT (I'm getting tired of that disclaimer) allow me the time to finish my research into things and a determination will be made on how we'll proceed. 

Good enough with me about the changes but concerning a few individual(s) that passed thro fairfight...


Case specific :


This person wouldn't deserve something permanent. The longevity of that ban amaze me. How careless sometimes someone can be about a certain individual that invested themself in the community with personal events with her personal time investment. Are we human being after all or not?


2 months would have been enough punishment to repay the violation that was made at this time but a permanent ban, where is the reasoning behind that?


A re-evaluation of this fairfight ban should be made.



What about before?


Some kindness would be appreciated, Unless there is a non-debatable explanation beyond that.



I agree with this very point. People invest alot of time into the game, in some cases thousands of hours, and to just throw that all away when it's not necessarily justified is cruel. There should be a reevaluation of the current account suspension system in regards to the investigation of bans and their lengths. A permaban shouldn't be handed out for every wrong a player makes.


We don't make exceptions for those that are caught cheating and reduce terms because they were invested in the community. 



Didn't Tiggs say this specific ban was for cheating almost a year ago?


also the ticket from the page you linked says, directly from G1 Support, that they were Fair Fight banned for scamming? None of this makes any sense at all, lol what the hell 


There are a couple reasons why different responses 


1.  The GM just replied with the wrong response for the banned account. 

2. As tickets come in and investigations are done on those, new issues are added to the accounts and the GM will choose one of the reasons listed and reply. 

Cheaters been in the events since day 1 and no, tiggs wont update and no the gms wont be active (havent been effective active since 2012)


GMs are in the districts actively. Keep in mind there are not nearly as many GMs as there are districts. They'll get caught, report them and move on. 

You are responsible for the security of your e-mail, computer and accounts. And yeah.. some "popular" players have been unbanned after claiming they were hacked. Although all closet cheaters now know to change their IP. Once they are banned they will claim they were hacked. 


We have many ways to check besides IP :)