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So...a while ago i read on forum, on a patch note that 1 vs 1 missions got removed. Right? here is the prove. I guess G1 are trolling us hard..or they are playin with our brain. Anyways..seems like nowadays is something wrong with buffed or something like that..and that is not my only opinion. anyways, G1 please..when you want to release a patch, we would appreciate is you write on notes what exacly you do on that patch, not what you would want us to believe you will do

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We didn't like 1v1's, so we removed them.

99.5% of the community seems to be happy and agree with this change, obviously you can't please everyone. The simple fact is that the way APB's missions work do not allow for 1v1's to be all that entertaining, they tend to be tedious at best and bloody frustrating at worst.

It doesn't count if only 1 party is enjoying themselves either fyi, the goal is for both teams to have some fun.