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Tyron Sennet

Tyron Sennet was a Waterfront wharf rat; making his living off the various smuggling rackets that converged around the port area. A born operator, he wasn't afraid to diversify when the occasion demanded, and quickly saw the opportunities in the nascent underground club scene that was happening in the area. When he was a kid, those crumbling brick warehouses were overrun with rats, and used by the local junkie population as shooting galleries. Now rich kids from The Concession and Virginia Gardens - kids that paid big bucks to affect that well-dressed zombie heroin chic look - were coming down to those same places to listen to music played by DJs who were flown in from Europe to take up $5000 a night residencies. Go figure.

The music bored Tyron, and most of the kids struck him simply as shallow-souled poseurs who hadn't come close to earning the right to that cynical attitude they all affected, but there was a hardcore element there - the group that would eventually coalesce into the Blood Roses - that made the experience worthwhile. These kids had attitude - Tyron had to give them that - and they were good at stealing stuff, but they didn't know shit about how to move it on. Tyron had the contacts to help them do that, and also enough friendly eyes and ears around the port terminal to set them up choices of future heist targets from all the good stuff that was being moved in and out of the city by water.

Tyron knew the kids - arrogant little rich kid bastards, every one of them - sneered at him and laughed at him behind his back, but he didn't mind; he just factored that into the couple of extra points he charged them in commission on the jobs and heist merchandise transactions he set up for them.

It wasn't long before Tyron and Michael Simeone come into each other's mutual orbits. Simeone's first instinct would normally have been to run Tyron off the reservation and keep the Blood Roses exclusive to him only, but there's something about Tyron that clicks with him. Smart, but not too greedy. Trustworthy, as long as you keep him busy and make sure he knows he's getting a fair cut of everything you're getting. Good lieutenant material, with the street operator instincts that he needs for someone else besides himself to have in the operation he's trying to set up.

For his part, Tyron knows there's something about himself that Simeone's holding back on. The guy's definitely got operator experience, but he never lets on how or where he acquired it, and some of the things he lets slip sometimes suggest that he's not such a stranger to San Paro as he wants you to think.

Tyron has his suspicions, but he keeps them to himself and just keeps on watching and listening. He likes to think of himself as a good middle man; a buyer and seller of goods, services and information. If he's patient enough, he figures, then one day he might find out something about Simeone that might be worth something to someone else.

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